I use rdesktop on Fedora 13 x64 version rdesktop-1.6.0-9.fc13.x86_64 to connect to a windows XP SP3 host which is actually a KVM virtual machine on the same host. I've used this configuration for over a year now without any problem whatsoever.

Recently I've started using a new piece of software called esignal 11 on the windows XP virtual machine. If I use the software within the VM console, then it runs fine. But if I attempt to use it from an rdesktop session the esignal 11 application crashes almost immediately.

I've tried connecting to the same virtual machine using a windows 7 host remote desktop session and that works fine and does not crash the esignal 11 application.

So I am led to think that the problem perhaps lies with rdesktop somewhere. Any help or assistance would be appreciated. If someone can tell me how to collect trace for this, I'll happily do it as a fix to this is important to me.

thanks in advance