I am using RDesktop 1.4.1 via the Sourceforge Thinstation project. It works remarkably well except that it doesn’t support Windows terminal servers clustering and reconnection of disconnected sessions.


I know that this is currently being worked on and so I decided to download and compile the files from the CVS repository [for testing]


I compiled Rdesktop on a Knoppix box and ran the new binary file, it worked and worked well.



I then copied the binary file to my Thinstation setup and built a new Thinstation image. When Thinstation attempts to run Rdesktop it gives an error as follows


rdesktop -k en_nz -f -u '' -a 16 -r sound:local

Ø       rdesktop: error while loading shared libraries: libcrypto.so.0.9.7:


Is anyone able to tell me how to compile Rdesktop in such away that I can cure this error?




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