I have the same issue......running rdesktop to Windows7 will always open a full screen windows7 desktop.

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 10:20 AM, Henrik Andersson <henrik.andersson@cendio.com> wrote:
I have been spending some time on getting seamlessrdp to work with
2008R2 and
Windows 7, using 2008R2 was pretty forward, use the "RemoteApp Manager"
to add
an entry for seamlessrdpshell.exe ensure to assign unristricted access
to arguments
and it works like a charm.

Windows 7 is another story yet it does use the same service as 2008R2
(RemoteApp) but
lacks the RemoteApp manager, some sources on internet tells the tale who
to configure
and enable applications with remoteapp on Windows 7 like:


Anyhow, those does fail and i haven't been able to get this to work,
explorer.exe is run and
a desktop appears whatever i try not even a simple notepad example does
I did also try a imported  seamlessrdp remoteapp registrykey from a
working 2008R2 with no luck.

I wont spend more time into Windows 7 and seamlessrdp, but i'm pretty
sure it's doable and
some of you will find the way to make seamlessrdp work on Windows 7


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