Hi rdesktop developers,

I still have a modified  and working rdp proxy here.
I did some research on this over one year ago and did a
complete rewrite of Matt Chapmans old code. With this its even possbile
to calculate the RSA signatures of the signed packages.
And, I think, I still know how to set it up....

Actually I am more intressted in the crpytographic aspect, than in the RDP
protocol itself, but I know it could be useful for future development of
rdesktop. RDP 6 seems to use AES....

so let me know if ... unitl then you should also take
a look at:

- http://www.heise.de/security/artikel/61945
- "Reverse-Engineering and Implementation of the RDP 5 Protocol" by Erik Forsberg
-  the tool "lsadump2" and it's fix for XP SP2: http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/fulldisclosure/2005-09/0515.html
- Gereon Ruetten, Oliver Stutzke; Angriff von innen, Technik und Abwehr von ARP-Spoofing-Angriffen; heise Security
- Advisory von Massimiliano Montoro: Microsoft RDP Man in the Middle Vulnerability
- security software: Homepage von Cain&Abel
- Technet-Artikel zu RDP: Configuring authentication and encryption