I'm using the latest CVS version of rdesktop with the Fontis patch set. I've also tried it with the default CVS and rdesktop 1.5.0.

I've created a terminal server using Windows Vista Buisness and placed their SeamlessRDP shell into the proper directory but it wont work.

Rdesktop just starts with a full desktop. However, clicking on the seamlessrdpshell binary (once logged in) seems to work (sorta) but still isn't the proper behavior because it should happen with the -s (shell) option. The "-l" slave option in Fontis's version doesn't work either.

Another issue I've witnessed is periodic stalling during the remote session. The session recovers after 30 seconds or so but is highly annoying. I don't believe the problem is a result of bandwidth because I tested it with bitmap caching, rdp compression, and "dial-up modem" experience over my 54 Mbps 802.11g WLAN--it feels extremely fast with instant window redraws but it still locks up.

Are there any known patches to get the shell option and SeamlessRDP shell working in Vista?


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