I currently have multiple Windows 2003 terminal servers that are load balanced using an F5 load balancer and the Terminal Server session directory service.  I have the terminal servers setup to only allow one connection per user.  This ensure that if a user is disconnected they are reconnected to their original session and no work is lost.


This works great with the Windows clients, however with rdesktop I get a variety of errors.  In the 1.4.1 release I receive “not implemented PDU” errors and in the CVS version “errno 88 Segmentation Fault”.  The original sign in is ok, however the problem occurs under the following circumstances.



User logs into Server A works for a while and is then disconnected.  User attempts to reconnect and the load balance routes to server B which upon login using the Terminal Server Session Directory Service notices the user should be on a and redirects accordingly ( I have attempted to use both token and IP redirection).  This is the point where rdesktop breaks.  The users cannot login unless they get routed back to their original server or call the IT Helpdesk.


Does anyone have any advice, work arounds, etc?







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