Hi everyone -
Has anyone else out there experienced scrolling issues when a PDF is opened in Acrobat 6.0 or other applications?  One quirk I am seeing is if I hold the "down" arrow to scroll down and then after a few seconds, release it and the application acts as if the button is still depressed for a few seconds.  I did a search and saw that this was mentioned in the "old-mail" mailing-list archive as the "Scroll of death" ;-)   
Did anyone ever come up with a fix?  This is happening on a PIII-550 with 256MB Ram machine running a 2.4.31 kernel on a Matrox G200 video card.  The session is a Windows XP guest running in VMware and has a resolution of 3200x1200 (spanning dual-monitors).  Everything else flashes and updates great.  It's only when it comes to the scrolling that I see this latency of the session not being aware of the mouse-button release.
Any info would be (as always) greatly appreciated!
-- Adam