We have a project which requires serial port redirection to allow a Windows based application to access serial devices attached to Sun Microsystem's Sun Ray 170 desktop top unit (DTU). Of all the RDP clients we've evaluated that from this community rdesktop 1.4.1 appears to actually allow device connectivity. However we are experiencing some communication issues which we believe may stem from the following:
Whenever communication is attempted the Unix (Solaris) session where rdesktop is started reports a "NOT IMPLEMENTED:  SERIAL IOCTL  29"


From what we can find out this appears to be the SERIAL_GET_PROPERTIES function within rdesktop. We further feel that this report is prompted by a request from the application which calls Microsoft's VB MSCOMM1 library (function GetCommProperites).

Is anyone else aware of this? Are there any work arounds?

Ok - you got me.  Can someone please implement this function! 8^)


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