You're not limited to three sizes - but you are limited by screen geom (max 1600x768 was all I could get with msrdc.)
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Subject: [rdesktop-users] Re: Rdesktop 1.4.1 for Windows

Volker Schmitt wrote:

> It sounds very interesting to use rdesktop on a windows system, but I am
> not quite sure about advantages. Are there any advantages using rdesktop
> instead of MS Remotedesktop? I think you need the same licenses and with
> rdesktop there is no local media and printer support.

With rdesktop 1.4.1 you DO HAVE local media and printer support.

I found empirical evidence that rdesktop has lower latency than the MS
client. You can check this by, for example, moving the mouse pointer up and
down over the Start menu items.
Also, rdesktop allows you to choose almost whatever desktop geometry (W x H)
you like. With the MS Client you are limited to 3 sizes.

Last, but not the least, you can circumvent terminal services licensing more
easily with rdesktop's -n option...


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