Hi Thomas,

I have reviewed and verified the functionality of the patch but i have
one question about the location storage, it seems like, if the windows
terminal server is in user license mode, we don't get any licenses files
to store which leaves me up with following conslusion:

All stored license files are temp/issued device licenses and if that's
true why not have license storage globally store and shared among
users, something like:


so that the issued device license is shared among several users of the device, judging by the license code and protocol this is probably not needed for functionality, but logical correct ?!


Henrik Andersson (Cendio AB)

On 09/23/2011 07:55 PM, Thomas Uhle wrote:
On Thu, 22 Sep 2011, Peter Åstrand wrote:

This looks very good, thanks for your work on this! We will try this patch and
assuming there are no problems we will commit it.

Best regards,

Thank you, I am pleased to read this.

Anyway, there was still a minor protocol issue and, additionally, an issue 
with the local licence store in ~/.rdesktop/ when connecting to a second 
terminal server. Both issues can be fixed by the patch that is attached to 
this e-mail. This patch has to be applied in addition to my patch from 
Tuesday, i.e., after the "old" patch has been applied.
The minor issue is that the licence protocol version is no longer 2 but 3 
since RDP 5.0 and newer. Therefore, I let g_use_rdp5 decide which version 
number is set.
The other issue arises if there is already a CAL for the current client 
stored in ~/.rdesktop/ and you are trying to connect to another terminal 
server than the one from whom you have got the present CAL. In this case 
rdesktop presents the wrong licence to the terminal server. My suggestion 
is to have separate subdirectories for all the CALs of every terminal 
server, e.g.,


and so on and so forth. Therefore, I had to amend the functions 
load_licence() and save_licence(), in which the terminal server's name is 
now needed in addition. To have only a few changes in the code, I decided 
to change the scope of the variable 'server' in main() to be globally 
accessible, renamed it to 'g_server' and, finally, exchanged 'server' by 
'g_server' wherever 'server' had been used before.

I hope this closes these licensing issues now.

Best regards,

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