It's possible to launch rdesktop without X-server. Try svgalib patch http://elinux.org.ru/rdesktop/ . But it's very old patch written in 2005.

Markus Ewald пишет:

I'm running a Windows XP virtual machine in VMware on Gentoo Linux x64. 
This virtual machine serves as a build agent for continuous integration.

Now my problem is that some builds use Direct3D to resize bitmaps or in 
their unit tests. This works fine as long as someone is connected to the 
virtual machine via remote desktop. If the remote desktop user 
disconnects (even if the session is left open), all automated builds 
will fail because Direct3D apparently cannot be initialized unless 
someone is watching.

Would it be possible to use rdesktop to open a remote desktop session 
without having an X server running?
Or could I somehow launch it via SSH if an X server is running using 
kdm/xdm without any logged in users?


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