Matt Chapman schrieb:
On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 10:35:04AM +0200, Wolfgang Zuleger wrote:

I just fetched the current CVS version of the german keymap.  It didn't 
work for some keys. The reasons are:

Thanks for the report.  The keymap was automatically generated from XKB data,
but I'm not sure that the XKB maps have enough data to specify exactly what
we need (see below), so I've committed your fixes manually for now.

lstroke, Lstroke, ssharp, section, ampersand, apostrope, 
dead_circumflex, dead_grave, less, greater, grave and degree are defined 
double, and one definition seems to be wrong.

Hmm yes.  XKB is usually doing the mapping in the other direction (keycode
to symbol) so they can afford to have symbols defined on multiple keys,
whereas we can't.

acute, asciitilde and asciicircum are missing.

This is because I used a layout with dead keys (the keymap has dead_acute,
dead_tilde and dead_circumflex), whereas you've got less dead keys...

notsign interferes with EuroSign. If notsign is declared, EuroSign 
doesn't work any more. Can anyone imagine what's reason of this behaviour?

Yes, notsign is 0xac whereas EuroSign is 0x20ac; our hash function is rather
primitive and they end up falling on the same entry in the mapping table...
I'll see if I can come up with a solution.

Hi Matt,

a remark upon the current CVS version of the German keymap:

I think you should leave the definitions of dead_acute, dead_tilde, dead_circumflex and dead_grave in the keymap file. Then keyboard works in both modes (dead keys and no dead keys). I just testet it, and it seems to be OK!


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