Hello rdesktop users,
I have installed rdesktop 1.3.1 on my RedHat Linux 3.0 ES system.
I can connect to computers on my internal lan no problem, but I am unable to connect to
a computer over the internet.  I can connect to the same computer from a Windows computer on my intranet, so I know the server I want to connect to is enabled for terminal services.
I am using the linux system as my "firewall" running iptables, it has two nics, one for the lan and one for the internet.
IP forwarding/masq is set up for the clients on my intranet, etc.
Is there something I need to do to my iptables script to be able to get to computer from my linux box???
This has worked in the past, but I do not remember if I ever had to do anything in regard to a iptables rule, since things work fine for my windows clients connecting over the internet.
Thanks for any info,