Hi guys, I'm looking for some help here... really appreciated if provided!! ;)

I have the next scenario:

Laptop with W2K connecting through vncviewer to linux red hat 7.2, which has of course a vnc server and actually also has the rdesktop client.

Then, during that connection (between the laptop and the red hat) I want to connect with rdesktop to a W2K Server. But I'm getting this bugging error:

rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol client.

Version 1.1.0. Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Matt Chapman.

See http://www.rdesktop.org/ for more information.

Connection successful.

X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)

  Major opcode of failed request:  78 (X_CreateColormap)

  Serial number of failed request:  14

  Current serial number in output stream:  36

[root@localhost rdesktop-1.1.0]#

I've no idea what I'm doing wrong.. I configured the laptop, the linux and the W2K server with 256 colors and 800X600... Please help..  :) is it something with the video card.. I actually can start the vncviewer from the laptop that is connected to the linux through vnc and connect to the W2Kserver. Also the rdesktop works on the console of the red-hat... so it must be something I have wrong configured.. please help !!! This is actually some part of my thesis project.. I need to get this to work

Thanks a bunch!!

PAOLA, a linux newbie!