All the documentation says it should work, but I'm getting nothing. I've tried a number of different versions of rdesktop, all seem to work find, but don't provide a cut/paste facility.

I've just tried turning all debugs apart from protocol an I get;

server bpp 8 client bpp 32 depth 24
g_num_channels is 1
Requesting channel cliprdr
Server RDP version is 4
We're going for the RDP5-style encryption
CA Certificate length is 371
Certificate length is 907
Re-setting algorithm type to RSA in server certificate
Sending CJRQ for channel #1005
Sending CJRQ for channel #1003
Sending CJRQ for channel #1004
Sending RDP5-style Logon packet

I'm a little concerned that it thinks the server is working with RDP4, then the server itself says it supports RDP5 and makes no mention of #4.

Please can anyone help?

Is there something special I need to do to the Win2k server to turn on the shared clipboard ?

Does anyone have this feature working ?