Backspace in a DEC keyboard is a DELETE on all other platforms.

Try using control-h for a backspace.

The DEC keyboard has some whacked keys, that is why we don't have them anymore! ;)


On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 18:15, Roger Haxby wrote:
I have Rdesktop ported to VAX/VMS 6.1, and it seems to be mostly working
with NT4 and W2000 (SP3) machines.   Many applications work, however there
is a problem with notepad (of all things!).  Word, wordpad, excel all are

In notepad, whenever the backspace key is pressed, the text gets corrupted,
as if it is overwriting.
Forcing a screen refresh clears the corruption, so its a display effect -
and the characters are correctly
deleted.  The backspace key works OK with Word.

I have not changed the backspace key mapping. The keyboard I am using is a
VAX one, with
several non-standard keys.  I have no idea which other keys to use, given
that it works most of the time.

Roger Haxby,

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