Hello ,i have a strange question .
i can't connect windows 2000 by rdesktop after i 
reboot the windows 2000 machine.
but other people still can connect the machine by rdesktop .
my machine has no setting changed ,and i close my rdesktop
normaly(close outlook -> start-> log out swallow) beforce i reboot the windows 2000 machine .
this is the msgs :
swallow@swallow swallow]$ rdesktop -g 900x700 akira &
[1] 4145
[swallow@swallow swallow]$ rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol client.
Version 1.1.0. Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Matt Chapman.
See http://www.rdesktop.org/ for more information.

Connection successful.
ERROR: recv: Connection reset by peer

[1]+  Broken pipe             rdesktop -g 900x700 akira

i don't know what happend ,please help me ,thanks a lot !