Hi Everyone,
I have run into an issue with RDesktop and licensing with Windows 2000, Service Pack 3.
MS changed the way "permanent" TSCAL's work.  They now are issued for a period between 52-89 days, and are supposed to be renewed when the RDP client presents the license token  seven days before of the expiration date, or after the expiration date.
The problem is that since the RDesktop client does not save the TSCAL token, it can not present it to the server for renewal.
Because I am using RDesktop in a commercial product, I can not use the --built-in-license option, as that would be viewed as slightly less than legal.
So I am looking into implementing proper TSCAL functionality in RDesktop.  I am looking for information regarding this implementation, specifically, what problems have been encountered saving/sending licenses, what approaches have been tried, does anyone have patch attempts?
thanks in advance,