Could one of you Solaris (2.5.1-8) post you latest working binary? (Thanks in Advance)
My Saga:
* I've been running rdesktop for about 6 months now in a 50 user (Solaris 2.5.1-8 environment)
* I'm using a dual processor Supermicro Rackmount PC with 1 Gig of RAM (and RAID 5)
* All users are running Ultra10 440Mhz's with Solaris 2.5.1.
* I'm compiling using gcc (I get many warnings but no errors)
* My server has plenty of power (seldom do CPU load go beyond 8%)
* But for some reason rdesktop will peg a users Ultra10 CPU (and screen updates halt for a few seconds)
* I thought this was a bandwidth issue but it's not (did lots-o-testing)
* The keypads on our Sun Type 6 keyboard don't work (the plus key does work)
* I'd like to test someone else's binary
                            Thanks for keeping this project going!