Jean, thank you again for trying to help me.  I looked in the /root directory because I’m logged in as root, and I didn’t see a .rdesktop directory with the ls –a command.  Are you sure there should be a .rdesktop directory there?



This was the original email.  I switched email accounts, so instead of replying, I copied it to this email:

No, thank you so much.  I'll try that.
--- wrote:
> Have you deleted the license file on the second pc? it's in the
> .rdesktop
> directory in your home directory.
> Hope this helps.
> Yours,
> Jean-Paul
> > Thank Mike, but I do have each client using a different
> hostname
> > by using the -n switch.  I'm definately not hitting the limit
> on
> > sessions or logons per user or anything like that.  I'm aware
> > that the limit is 2 sessions on a win2k box in remote admin
> mode,
> > and "unlimited" in application services mode.