I've searched through all the entries in regards to serial port redirection and there seems to be extremely limited information.  Currently, I have been working with the PXES thin client (http://pxes.sf.net) package which is a Red Hat 8.0/9.0 build stripped down to be booted over LAN or booted via CD.  I have successfully been able to accomplish getting a multi-head RDP PXES bootable CD solution using nVidia NVS280 cards and HP's t5515 thin clients as a fundamental beginning of what I'm trying to achieve (very fun stuff ;-)
Well, anyway, my stumbling block at this moment is serial redirection.  I downloaded the latest CVS.  Compiled it.  Noticed that I needed to pass "comport:com1=/dev/ttyS0" and set the ttyS* devices via stty.  I unfortunately don't know if I'm missing something here, but I'm getting a message to set the serial port to some odd-ball settings.  What I'm looking to do is syncronize a blackberry via the serial cradle.  I have successfully been able to sync via the serial port to the Windows2003 server via a Windows XP RDP client so I am assuming that the current CVS is close, if not already, there.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Best Regards and Thanks,
-- Adam