#97 Text Insert Cursor disappears when running Putty


A minor issue in my opinion as I have only seen this
with one windows application, namely "putty".

Putty by default has a black background and a white
text cursor.

However when the cursor moves into text area of putty
terminal it disappears because it is black on black.

By way of comparison, in a Windows RDP client session
to same server, running putty, the cursor is white
against the black background of the putty terminal text
window and therfore can be seen.


  • Matt Chapman

    Matt Chapman - 2006-06-28
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  • Matt Chapman

    Matt Chapman - 2006-06-28

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    This is due to the design of X, which doesn't support XORing
    the cursor onto the screen (perhaps due to the wonderful
    patent issues surrounding that). To get around this one
    would have to make rdesktop hide the real X cursor and draw
    its own fake cursor, like VMware does, which could be done
    but has other implications. Moving this to Feature Requests.


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