#83 show local mouse pointer


When connected to a Windows XP machine over a slow
network connection, the (remote) mouse pointer shows
a lot of drag. Rdesktop has a feature to have the RDP
server hide its mouse pointer. This is nice, but the local
mouse pointer is hidden by the linux environment.

I suggest an extra option to be added (-l) which enables
the user to either have the local mouse pointer hidden or
not. The changes to the code are minimal. I made the
changes on my local machine and compiled the
program and it works perfectly.

The changes needed are:
in rdesktop.c:
[line 59] BOOL g_local_mouse = False;
[line 119] fprintf stderr," -l: show local mouse pointer\n");
[line 371] VNCOPT ".....l....")
[line 482] case 'l': g_local_mouse = True; break;

in rdp5.c:
[line 27] extern BOOL g_local_mouse;
[line 104] case '5': if (!g_local_mouse)


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    Try this: don't hide the the remote pointer, connect to the machine, then go
    to Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointers, choose another pointer scheme,
    then go back to Default and click Apply. For me, this causes RDesktop to
    use my Windows pointers locally (as long as they don't use translucency -
    but you don't normally use such pointers; also, color pointers appear in
    black and white).