#6 Ablity to have muliple open from one


A example that i am thinking of would be the Microsoft
MMC style one. Where i can have all of my servers on
the left side, and the screen for them on the right.
Or like the other Microsoft version where i can choose
from a list of servers that i have entered already. A
nice feature would be able to have the KDE toolbar
always on top so i can mimize the toolbar and still
work on a Virtual desktop where i have the Terminal
session open. This way i could just switch desktops to
toggle between terminal sessions and unix desktops.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This is a stupid idea and not part of what rdesktop should
    do, YOU could easily write some frontend for rdesktop that
    does this, don't bother Matthew with it though.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    You know.. you are part of that small snobbish community
    who is a compete (Fill in the Blank) and wastes his time
    commenting on other people's postings. If you don't like
    the Idea fine. But there is no reason to post a rude
    rebutle to what another user may find useful.

  • Aaron M. Brewster

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    That would be very cool.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    This request (still) belongs in the realm of frontends to rdesktop. rdesktop only provides remote desktop functionality; frontends like tsclient and krdc (and perhaps vinagre) are the pieces of software that provide such interesting features as described. This intentional separation allows for those who want polish to provide it quickly and easily, while the core developers work on technical details like communicating using newer versions of RDP with newer Windows servers.

    The writer of the original reply most likely wanted to say all this, but didn't want to spend so much time doing so, and hadn't had so much sleep :)

  • Brad Hards

    Brad Hards - 2009-06-22

    It is also implemented in krdc.

    Suggest closing.