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I have found this site today, and I haven't a clue of
what is being discussed here. Of course, I can get tons
of computers etc' and load them up with the software
and see what it does, but then again, it would be so
much nicer and easier if someone could just tell me so
I could know if it is worth the hassel.

To be honnest, the previous paragraph is somewhat
metaphoric, because I can understand that there is
a Remote Desktop, and this in itself explains a bit, but:

1. Is this remote desktop separate and different than
what the user on the server sees? Or are they both in
the same desktop fighting over the mouse?

2. I undestand you provide the client side. What about
the server side? Where can I get a server side?

3. Are there minimal hardware requirements for the
client computer/ the server?

4. Can the client see TV say if the server has a TV card?

5. Can the client play 3D games?

6. Can the client watch movies which are on the server's

7. Can the client listen to music which is on the


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    While not all of those seem as frequently asked questions to
    me, the home page indeed can confuse a newbie about what
    side we're on, what use is connecting to an Terminal Server
    etc. -- as in, what's the day-to-day use of this software.

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