#21 Need option to not display background


Is it hard to implement the feature that tells windows
(XP in the case I tested) not to send the background
image? Because of that, sometimes my desktop refreshes
like 5 times before it stops (each icon that changes
makes the desktop image refresh...)


  • Matt Chapman

    Matt Chapman - 2002-10-29
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  • Matt Chapman

    Matt Chapman - 2002-10-29

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    Not sure - does the Windows client have a feature like this?
    Change your background to a solid colour?

  • Adam Oline

    Adam Oline - 2003-03-18

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    This is something that would be useful for people connecting
    over slower connections. The MS Windows client does include
    the option of not sending the background image. I've
    experienced the same issue with the screen updating 5 or
    more times when I first log in, and again whenever the
    background is displayed after minimizing windows.

    I have tried changing my background to a solid color, which
    does help, but generally I like having a picture on my
    desktop at home, and I use rdesktop from work only if I
    think of something I need to do on my home computer, like
    check my accounting information.

    If this isn't too difficult to implement, it'd be a great
    feature to have. If I get some time maybe I'll poke around
    the rdesktop code.