#160 Support passing raw scan codes to the remote desktop


Currently when the user presses a key its scan code is converted to characters and then again to a scan code. This approach does now work well with non-english keymaps. As the result, there are many warnings about unmappable characters (with my Belarusian cyrillic layout).
It should be useful to add an argument to the application that disables scan code mapping and forces rdesktop to send raw scan codes.


  • Peter Åstrand

    Peter Åstrand - 2013-07-23

    Sending raw X11 key codes is not reliable, since those are not standardized. Different X servers users different codes; not necessary the same as Windows scan codes. If you have problems with a certain layout, it's better to try to fix that keymap file.

    Having that said, I believe that sending raw key codes is already supported. Try calling rdesktop with "-k none".

  • Dzmitry Liauchuk

    -k none does not work. Non-alphanumeric keys (e.g. arrows or del) do not produce input on the remote desktop.

    The issue with keymap files is that there is no keymap file for the layout I use. Do you have an idea how to generate it for an X keyboard layout?

    In any case - thanks for the answer.

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  • Peter Åstrand

    Peter Åstrand - 2013-07-24
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