#113 Default blank username


If no username is specified for an RDP session, the currently logged on linux username is passed to the RDP session.

I'd prefer it if the username field in terminal services is not populated, if no username is specified.


  • Roger Gammans

    Roger Gammans - 2007-07-12

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    Originator: NO

    I can accomplish the same thing using :-

    alias rdesktop="rdesktop -u ''"

    in bash. I'm sure other shell have similiar capabilites.

    Is there a reason why this isn't going top work for you?

  • meastaugh

    meastaugh - 2007-07-13

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    Originator: YES

    Thanks for the response. I'm using the gui in HP thinconnect.

    Excuse my ignorance, but any idea how I'd achieve it here. Is the reason for the issue going to be rdesktop, or the HP image? Thanks

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    I'm also using a HP thin client and would like to see the default username set to "blank" as well.

  • Carl D&M

    Carl D&M - 2014-04-17

    I don't know if this topic still is current, but I just solved my similar issue with the following workaround

    in this case, a script uses rdesktop, if it's not already running, to start a windows RDP session full-screen


    /usr/bin/rdesktop -d $DOMAIN -u "$USER" -f $SERVER

    the username USER is defined as a string, but without length
    to make rdesktop start, I specifically put $USER between
    quotation marks
    (these could also be used if you wanted to hard-code a username with a space in it)

    the fact that the string is defined, means that there is a value to be found
    so rdesktop loads the value of USER in the code
    as USER is defined as a String and
    not NULL, the fact that its length is 0 doesn't matter anymore

    This worked for me, so I hope it will also for others


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