#31 Mouse icon white with no outline

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Most times when controlling Windows XP or 2000 server
the pointer (mouse) icon appears all white with out a
black outline. This makes it impossible to see when on
a white background (Like this web page).

Roughly 5 -10 percent of the time the mouse icon
appears properly.

This behavior existed prior to the beta, and in cvs
code prior to the beta. I'm running redhat 7.2,
windowmaker window manager.


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    you can reverse the colors of your cursor (make it black
    instead of white) if you edit xwin.c, line 862 or so:

    /* Swap foreground and background colors - JTE
    fg.red = fg.blue = fg.green = 0xffff;
    bg.red = bg.blue = bg.green = 0x0000; */
    fg.red = fg.blue = fg.green = 0x0000;
    bg.red = bg.blue = bg.green = 0xffff;

    i commented out the old code, so i wouldn't lose it. I use
    this because i like to have a black background and white
    text in the code editor of Visual C++, and with the normal
    colors, it uses a black cursor when over the editor, and you
    can't see it.

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  • kkuruminleber

    kkuruminleber - 2004-05-20

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    For me the best solution was a midle of 0x0000 to 0x7fff

    fg.red = fg.blue = fg.green = 0x0000;
    bg.red = bg.blue = bg.green = 0xffff;

    I Had place:

    fg.red = fg.blue = fg.green = 0x0000;
    bg.red = bg.blue = bg.green = 0x7fff;

    Then the cursor turn gray, and I can see it in both Black and White


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