#275 RDesktop painfully slow (+fix/workaround)


Running rdesktop on XOrg 1.4.2 (7.2), radeon RV350 card, graphics setup that's generally fast, reasonable broadband connection (1.5Mbps), etc.

The problem:

My normal remote activity in rdesktop is editing code (full-screen msdev) and running compiles (large command window). Thus, I am often scrolling (pretty much) the entire screen. As of about a year ago, this has become painfully slow in rdesktop: for example, scrolling text up or down in the msdev editor will manage less than 1 line per second. Large compiles will print at most a few lines of output per second. In addition, there appear to be many unnecessary full-screen redraws, etc, happening in general use (eg: when I move out of the editing window to highligh a file in one of the MSDEV `explorer' views, I usually get several full-screen repaints).

The cause:

rdesktop is refusing to honour the -B switch, and is spamming my X server with near-full-screen blits from its internal backing buffer.

After adding a hack to forcibly disable the internal backing buffer, everything becomes nice and slick again (I get the occasional screen artifact, but it's easily cleared by flipping to another desktop and back - this is far less frustrating than trying to navigate around my code with the backing buffer enabled).

The change request:

I added a switch, '-F', to rdesktop, which means `forcibly disable the internal backing buffer, and yes I *will* put up with any consequent screen artifacts'. It prevents xwin.c from re-enabling backing store if the X server doesn't claim `Always' for bs support.

Can you please, PLEASE roll an override like this into the regular distribution...

Thanks :)