#273 cursor color

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The cursor color is alway black, even when on the remote machine a window is black. So the cursor is not visible.
The color should somohow get inverted, based on the background.


rdesktop Version 1.6.0.
Local OS: Linux SLC4
Remote OS: any Windows


  • Shrenik

    Shrenik - 2009-03-17

    I am using rdesktop and seamlessrdp to connect to some windows applications
    that have a text area with black background. In such cases the black cursor
    seems to be lost in the background. However, when using the cursor keys we can
    detect the movement with a white blink.

    This problem occurs irrespective of using seamlessrdp. I am not sure of the
    appropriate solution, however the solution given here -
    seems to address this issue. This may be used to fix the same else an alternate
    solution is required.

    When running the same application in Windows purely, it clearly shows a visible

    Reproducible: Always

    Steps to Reproduce:
    This may be tough to reproduce if you don't have access to a Windows
    application with such a black text-area. I am using an accounting software very
    specific to this region called Tally (version 7.2 or 9.0).
    1. From a terminal run 'rdesktop <windows-terminal-server-ip-or-host>'
    2. Open the application such as Tally having such a black text-area
    3. Navigate to the text-area and the cursor is no longer visible
    Actual Results:
    Cursor not visible

    Expected Results:
    Cursor should be visible in some clearly distinguishable color

  • Adam Thompson

    Adam Thompson - 2010-09-27

    Not only is the cursor always black for me, but the cursor shapes are often slightly corrupted. I'd attach a screenshot if I could figure out how to do so in SF's bug tracker...

    This only occurs for me when connecting to WS2008R2 x64 servers; it is not a problem when connecting to a WS2003 x86, WS2003R2 x86, or SBS2008 x64 server.

  • Adam Thompson

    Adam Thompson - 2010-09-27

    Oops, I'm running rdesktop 1.6.0-2ubuntu3. None of the available command-line options appears to have any effect on this problem, i.e. I've tried different color depths, backing store, version 4, colormaps, etc. all to no avail.

  • Adam Thompson

    Adam Thompson - 2010-09-27

    This may be a duplicate of bug#2858665. At least in my case, it is.

  • Uwe Traum

    Uwe Traum - 2010-09-29

    same problem here. Win2008R2x64. Open cmd.exe and move cursor above black area -> unvisible


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