#256 rdesktop 1.5 freezes if typing AND receive popup


If I have a 1.5.0 rdesktop session to an XP (may be other OS's) computer and I am typing (in no particular application) AND at the same moment I am typing I receive a popup notification from outlook web access (may also occur with other popups, but these are my most common), then my rdesktop session locks. No further mouse or keyboard input is possible. The only fix is to terminate the session and start a new one.

This problem does NOT occur with 1.4.1. The problem is easily reproduced.

The session is from Linux (2.4.29 kernel).

If I am not typing at the moment the pop-up occurs the session does not lock.

My command line is usually this (for 1.5.0: I add -a 24 to 1.4.1):
rdesktop-1.5.0/rdesktop -x l -r sound:local -g 1590x1190 xpbox 2>/dev/null


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  • Mike B

    Mike B - 2008-11-24

    My freezes/hangs occur in rdesktop 1.6.0, using Ubuntu Intrepid (kernel 2.6.27).
    The freezes for me occur when I am holding the shift and/or control keys and selecting text.
    Hopefully, this will help narrow the problem - seems that when keys are being pressed and significant screen-changes occur...


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