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I don't know...

Im sorry guys, iv been really busy with schooling, and other things have come up and im not sure if I am going to finish the new RCT3 Moding/ModPack installer/sorter/updater program thing anytime soon. But! don't get your hopes quite down yet, but I just want to say im not sure if I am going to finish it,
BUT,But!!! I may still release what I have done...

Of course if I don't finish the program "which prob WILL HAPPEN", I will also include 100% working version of the modpack more or less in some sort of zip/rar file, so you can just drag or install the files right into your RCT3 folder without the hassle of some heavy installer.... read more

Posted by Al.Co Software 2015-02-02

Sorry, Im Still Here....

Im sorry if I haven't been able to keep you updated recently. I just enrolled into College to work on my Software Development study's, and im now looking for a job. So I haven't got much done since I last updated. BUT, Im not leaving here, and I want to put that out ;) I want to get this project done. It will take a bit longer with my weeks, but I want to get some programming practice in anyway! :D

Posted by Al.Co Software 2014-07-11

Over one year later secretly in the works - (1.5 v1 Alpha Overview)

alternate text

Iv been working on 1.5 for a long time, The ModPack is now REALLY a mod pack. The custom coded program created by me is not an installer anymore, but an advanced and one of the most useful tool for RCT3 users and developers! The ModPack tool still will allow you to download the pack Via-SVN, and will also allow you to view, and download mods from the "More Mods" section directly from your desktop! It includes many built in tools, and custom RCT3 backup features that will be more disclosed at a later date ;). There will be several versions released for different types of computers. "I will state them tomorrow". There is a build suited for different processors (x64),etc.... The program may be available for different computers other then PC at a later date after its release.... read more

Posted by Al.Co Software 2014-03-31

Questions to what im doing with SVN, and the ModPack

RevCoaster Logo Here

I may be possibly Moving the ModPack over to an SVN/installer download that will make downloading the ModPack ALOT easier.
It will be an installer, but the files will be over the Subversion instead of through the installer. Im trying to make it so updating the ModPack will be alot easier, and allowing me to change the files over SourceForge.... read more

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SVN in the works!

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Yep! That's correct, I am making it so you can download EVERYTHING included with the Installer and download all the necessary files to your RCT3 folder. You will be able to stay up to date with a few clicks ;D. Simply by downloading an SVN client and doing few steps, or two it will act just like the installer, just without the long wait of downloading the installer.... read more

Posted by Al.Co Software 2014-02-06

Working On Making Life Easier ;)

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Hey guys im back after a break due to life :). Iv been working on updating the Mod Pack eventually by making it less problematic, and adding a few things along with something Special ;). Hint: It will keep you updated :P ;).

Posted by Al.Co Software 2014-02-05 Labels: revcoaster rct3


Posted by Al.Co Software 2014-02-05

(CTR) 1.4 MOD LIST ( Mod List # 1 )

Yep! Here is the ModList you guys have been waiting for! :D


Mod List V1

All of the Coasters, or/and (CTR'S) included with the pack

NOTE! I also lost a giant list of the "Creators, and types" of the rides!
So there are only a few listed. That's why there are question marks.
Least for most of the creators will be found.... read more

Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-05-08


Yep! 1.4 of the ModPack has been released! Download Now!

A list of mods, along with the Readme, and so on will be released
hopefully today!

A "How to install" video will be released possibly by today, or tomorrow! :D

Download!, And have FUN!!! :D

Contact me on my YouTube "Revcoaster" page if you require assistance on downloading, etc...!!! :D

Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-05-07

Sorry Guys! :P

I think there was an "INCOMPLETE" version of the ModPack 1.4 uploaded to the "installers" folder!
Sorry for the problems in downloading! :D
Im uploading the 1.4 version of the ModPack in a few minutes! :D This time it should work! :D

Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-05-06

Uploading Problems...

Yep im having some problems uploading because of its size. Ill fix it and upload it tomorrow! :D

Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-05-05

Sorry for the delay! :P

I kinda fell asleep before I was going to upload the NEW version, and Possibly FINAL version of the ModPack.

RevCoasters Huge ModPack 1.4!!! :D

I am uploading the ModPack NOW!!!! :D
Including the new Readme, and so on!

I AM going the keep the 1.3.1 version of the ModPack out if you
don't want so many objects, or your computer can't
handle the epicness! :D

Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-05-03

Mod List!


A list of ALL the CTR,CS,CFR,PATHS, and other object will be relased within the week! :D

Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-05-02

RevCoasters Huge ModPack 1.4 Coming Out TONIGHT!!!! :D

Yep! Thats right! >:D

1.4 is coming out within HOURS! :D

Here is the specs of the possibly "FINAL" version of the ModPack!
As, Trust me... It doesn't need any more mods!... XD

This epic program is PACKED TO OBLIVION! With a FINAL, and
whopping total of...Yep...It's allot! XD :D

( 4.1 GB's Of Objects Total! )

*The Installer is compressed to >_> 1.2 GB's!!!! :D
Making it VERY easy to download, and install! :D... read more

Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-05-02

RevCoasters Huge ModPack 1.4 - "Already" in the works!!!! :D

Yep! Iv stockpiled a CRAPLOAD more of mods, CTR's, and CS!

About 778MB worth! :D Yep that's a total of about 2 GB's of mods.

Here's a "Sneak Peak" of what will be new in the pack! :D

All Of DazMatze's Objects!
95% Of Osudenny Objects!
Most Of Vodhins Objects, Mods, And Rides!
All Of JCats Objects! (SteelWorxV2, SpaceWorx V1/2, MouseWorx)
Lots Of New CF Rides!
And A CRAPLOAD more!!!!!!!! :D
Too much to list! :p... read more

Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-04-25

RevCoasters Huge ModPack 1.3 RELEACED

YES THAT'S RIGHT! The new 1.3 version of the ModPack has FINALLY been released! :D

ALSO A TEST (Alpha) MAC OS X version has also been released! :P

The "Mac OS X" version of the installer, has NOT been fully tested yet!
So please give ANY input, or comments about the OS X version of the
installer to my YouTube page at:


Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-04-15 Labels: RevCoaster RCT3 CTR CS Rides

THE 1.3 Revcoaster ModPack Update! :D

Yep! It's coming THIS MONTH!!! The pack update has MASSIVE changes to the pack!
-Here's the details of whats new! :D-

Uses a simple little installer I made. MUCH MORE SIMPLER then the current one! :D
Usable to work on more computers!
Over 60 New Custom Rollercoaster's (CTR's) Added!
A CRAPLOAD of NEW CS (Custom Scenery) Added!
ADDED 98% ALL OF THE CTR's, CS, and Objects from the Repository! ALL IN ONE DOWNLOAD!!!! :D
This includes =ALL= of the original CTRs, CS, Mods, Stalls, Object, and other modifications/addons from the 1.2/1.1/ & 1.0 Installer, and EVEN MORE THEN THAT!!!! :D
Compression for download will be close to the same, but MUCH less complicated! :D
It will be very simple, and easy to install! :D

Posted by Al.Co Software 2013-04-09

Added lots of new mods! :D

Added atleast 30 more mods to the SF files! :D

Posted by Al.Co Software 2012-02-20