Over one year later secretly in the works - (1.5 v1 Alpha Overview)

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Iv been working on 1.5 for a long time, The ModPack is now REALLY a mod pack. The custom coded program created by me is not an installer anymore, but an advanced and one of the most useful tool for RCT3 users and developers! The ModPack tool still will allow you to download the pack Via-SVN, and will also allow you to view, and download mods from the "More Mods" section directly from your desktop! It includes many built in tools, and custom RCT3 backup features that will be more disclosed at a later date ;). There will be several versions released for different types of computers. "I will state them tomorrow". There is a build suited for different processors (x64),etc.... The program may be available for different computers other then PC at a later date after its release.

The earliest build will be released soon this year ;)

Update (04/25/2014):

I am currently finishing up the Indev Stage, and the program the coming along well. The GUI is almost finished, and programming is still a good WIP. I am currently working on finishing up some tools that are built in to the program that may take a little longer then expected, but should be done soon. The Graphics Card/Windows/ & Processor testing is still to be done, and may take time, but also should be done soon after some short programming.

Update (05/14/2014):

I know this project has been going on for over a year to make the RCHMP "Program" v1.0. Making the program itself has been taking awhile, because I have been busy with life such as High School, College Acceptance, Friends, and so on... This custom program will get done, and the pack itself is 95% done "just removing the bad no SVD for SVI errors most complain about", making the pack alot less flawed, And the program will make it alot less easy to "mess it up" when installing.

Posted by Al.Co Software 2014-03-31

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