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New Release

RC Faces 1.2 release is now available !
- New Components : ComboGrid, Scheduler, ToolBar, TextEditor, ComponentsGrid, ExternalBox, ComponentsList
- Drag & Drop with Tree and Grid component
- Facelet support
- New Samples
- Online UserGuide at

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Meslin 2010-11-30

Website updated

We have updated our Website :

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Meslin 2010-05-04

javascript doc updated

We have updated our javascript doc (formatted like a javadoc) that describes the javascript API.
check it out :


Posted by Fred Lefévère-Laoide 2006-12-21

1.0 Beta 3 is out : facelets support

We're glad to annouce that RCFaces v1.0 b3 is out.
- TLD documentation
- Javadoc documentation (components and capabilities packages)
- Facelets Support (based on version 1.1.11)
- <h:init>, <h:cssStyle> and <h:javaScript> are now components (not tags)
- New <v:scope> component
- ScopeVar and ScopeValue properties (See IVariableScopeCapability)
- New snippets project
- Javascript sizewise optimized
- Bugs crushing

Posted by Fred Lefévère-Laoide 2006-12-19

Documentation is coming along


We have a good bit of documentation now !
You can find on :
- a description of each component
- a TLDDoc
- a javadoc for the components
and on
- code source for the demo and sample
- code snippets that show particular use of the library

we're still working at :
- completing the javadoc
- completing the javascriptdoc


Posted by Fred Lefévère-Laoide 2006-12-19