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New release - 0.5.0

Lots of changes in this release, including a brand new user interface and a GNOME applet.

Posted by Clément Bourdarias 2005-03-11

New release - 0.3.99

some big changes, see NEWS file.

Posted by Clément Bourdarias 2003-03-24

New release - 0.2.6

Many small changes: this is a futureproofing release, and all users are recommended to upgrade. If you are upgrading from a previous version, please refer to the file http://rcalc.sourceforge.net/rcalc-0.2.6/README.upgrade beforehand.

Posted by Gary Benson 2001-03-05

Development action

Just set up a Wiki for development discussion, etc. If you are interested in where rCalc is going in the future, then have a look at it; it lives at http://rcalc.sourceforge.net/wiki/

Posted by Gary Benson 2000-11-28

New release - 0.2.5

Another serious operator precedence bug was fixed; hopefully the last! Italian localisation has been added.

Posted by Gary Benson 2000-10-18

New release - 0.2.4

French and Spanish translations were added.

Posted by Gary Benson 2000-10-02

New release - 0.2.3

A serious bug involving operator precedence was fixed, as was a problem with the handling of decimal points in locales where the decimal character is not '.'. Internationalisation support has been added, with British English and German translations.

Posted by Gary Benson 2000-09-21

New release - 0.2.2

A couple of minor but irritating bugs have been fixed with this release: a problem with line wrapping and a problem with source installs on Mandrake systems.

Posted by Gary Benson 2000-08-23

New release - 0.2.1

Added SRPM/RPM generation code: source and i386 RPMs are now available to download.

Posted by Gary Benson 2000-04-19

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