Command Line

Joey B
  • Joey B

    Joey B - 2007-02-23

    How about command line functionality so that I can forcefully minimize windows to the tray or set them to always on top when right click doesnt work on the window?

    • Nikolay Redko

      Nikolay Redko - 2007-03-26

      Please let me know when you was not able to minimize window to tray by right-click on minimize or close buttons.

      If you meant commandline functionality like

      c:\> rbtray.exe iexplore.exe

      which should minimize new appeared window to tray, then answer is no, I will not implement such functionality.
      If you like, we can discuss win32 programming issues which are my reasons.
      If you meant something like

      c:\> rbtray.exe "*Internet Explorer"

      which should minimize all windows containing "Internet Explorer" in titles, then it's possible, but I can't answer when it will be implemented.

  • Anoxiety

    Anoxiety - 2010-01-16

    Command line need to start program minimized like  Free VPN Client. It's always run at start with own cmd line (log, pwd). Can you add cmd line parameter in RBTray to start program minimized ?

  • Will

    Will - 2012-05-13

    Darn, was hoping both could be added.


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