Works in Vista

  • Tyler

    Tyler - 2008-10-05

    Hey the Description shows only upto XP but I tried anyways and it works flawlessly in vista.   Hooray for awesome apps!

    • Andriy Golovnya

      Andriy Golovnya - 2008-10-11


      here are some my questions:
      1. Here it was reported that RBTray works flawlessly in Vista 32...
      1a. Was it officially tested by developer?
      1b. If it's really stable, why it's not in supported OS's list?
      2. What about 64-bit port of this tool? Was it planned?



      PS: Thanks for your nice tool!

      • Tyler

        Tyler - 2008-10-11

        This was simply a test in vista 32 that I did as a regular user. I do not speak for the developer.

        Have not tried in vista 64. 

        I have been using this practically every day on vista without a problem.

    • Nikolay Redko

      Nikolay Redko - 2009-06-02

      It was not tested in Vista (and possibly will never be).
      I don't plan to support Win64, until this will be installed on my desktop. Maybe Win7 somewhen in the future.


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