Popup after selecting min to tray

  • Anonymous - 2007-06-21

    Hey!  First of all, I love the fact it's small and unobtrusive.  Perfect for my needs.

    My problem is every time I right click and choose Min in tray, RB responds with a popup before it will minimize.  Added to the frustration, the popup is always 'under' the active window.  Is there a way to stop the popups?


    • Anonymous - 2008-03-04

      Same problem here, no fix yet!


    • Anonymous - 2008-06-14


      I can reproduce the aforementioned problem anytime on a Win xp Pro SP3.
      This bug only appears to be in Version 3.3, Version 3.2 works flawless.

      Now a descrption to the bug itself:
      Whenever I rightclick on the minimize button of an application and choose 'Minimize in tray' a popup window comes up. The message in it depends on the application that has to be minimized.

      These are examples of the messages that appear:
      CabinetWClass - when trying to minimize Windows Explorer
      MozillaUIWindowClass - when trying to minimize Mozilla Firefox
      SALFRAME - when trying to minimize OpenOffice.org Writer

      After pressing the OK Button on the popup window the application minimizes.

      I hope you can fix the problem with this bugdescription.

      Thanks in advance.


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