#1 razertool-gtk (version 0.0.7) is crashing mouse very bad



razertool-gtk is crashing my copperhead mouse quite often. With "quite often" I mean about every fifth time I change something and press the apply-button the lights of the mouse turn off and the cursor is stuck. With kernel- I could get the mouse working again when I unplugged and replugged the mouse but with kernel- this doesn't work anymore. I attached a textfile which shows kern.log messages from when this error happens and my trial to get it working again when un-/replugging the mouse. The only solution to get the mouse working again with kernel- is a reboot which I don't like to do everytime this error occurs.
If it helps, I use libusb-0.1.12 on this Gentoo machine.
If you need any more information, don't hesitate to ask...



  • Polynomial-C

    Polynomial-C - 2007-06-13

    corresponding kern.log messages

  • Zinx Verituse

    Zinx Verituse - 2007-08-26

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    What version of the firmware is this? Can you dump it with razerflash -d > /tmp/CH-firmware.dump and attach it to this bug?

  • Polynomial-C

    Polynomial-C - 2007-08-26

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    Firmware version as of the time I reported this bug was 6.18i

    This happens, when I run the command you suggested:

    gamemaster:~ # razerflash -d > /tmp/CH-firmware.dump
    Copperhead detected.
    Please plug the mouse in with the profile button depressed.
    gamemaster:~ # cat /tmp/CH-firmware.dump
    gamemaster:~ #

    But your suggestion brought me to another idea and I went to razersupport.com and downloaded the latest firmware (6.20). I flashed one of my copperhead mice and am now trying to reproduce the bug...
    I will report my testing results later.

  • Polynomial-C

    Polynomial-C - 2007-09-10

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    Alright, updating to firmware 6.20 fixed the bad crashes. Sometimes the mouse still freezes when I start razertool-gtk but this can be solved by unplugging/replugging the mouse.

  • Polynomial-C

    Polynomial-C - 2007-09-10
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