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rawk - rage against web frameworks / News: Recent posts

rawk 1.0 released

rawk 1.0 has been released and is considered stable. work will focus now on adding a few new features.

Posted by Kyle Isom 2011-02-06

tutorial added

i added a quick tutorial to the rawk site.

Posted by Kyle Isom 2011-02-05

rawk-0.3 released

rawk 0.3 has been released. it supports more robust templating and date substitution in the templates, as well as a general code cleanup.

Posted by Kyle Isom 2011-02-03

help wanted

looking for
* someone who can help tweak the default css to something a little more consistent
* a developer proficient in posix shell scripting to help develop a few ideas for upgrades / extensions

Posted by Kyle Isom 2011-02-02

testing for first release

i think we have a fairly stable first release that does the job it set out to do reliably. i will continue to test it this week under a variety of systems to ensure consistency and stability.

Posted by Kyle Isom 2011-02-02