Postfix added to RavenCore - first release almost ready

Hello again, everyone. Sorry for waiting so long before giving another update, but I have had no time at all until recintly to work on RavenCore. A wife, kid, and a job can do that to you. Anyway, I have made several updates and bug fixes, and have done a lot of revamping of the database. Hopefully this will support future additions to the control panel with no changes needed to the database setup, and to allow for easier upgrades.

The biggest change that I have made to RavenCore, is it now uses Postfix as the MTA of choice, rather than Qmail. Postfix is an open source project, is easier to install and manage in my opinion, and hase no usage or license issues that Qmail does. I have contacted Graham Smith from and he has agreed to help me with using Postfix.

Once I get SMTP/POP3/IMAP authentication working with Cyrus-SASL, I will be ready to release the first beta version of RavenCore to the public. If anyone else would like to help, please drop me a line.

On a final note, the initial RavenCore release will be intented to work with Fedora Core 3 right out of the box. Porting RavenCore to other linux distros will come later, as I gain more resources from others.

RavenCore Administrator

Posted by Corey 2005-04-18

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