#3 Sorting of domains.


I would like to see a function that makes it possible,
for the admin user at least, to change the way the
domains are listed in the httpd.conf file.
So that if you want to cahnge what domain/host is the
master domain/host to show up when f.eg just entering
the ip in a browser or something like that. The way it
is now I only managed to get this done by dumping the
sql, edit the order of the domains and injecting the
sql back in..


  • Corey

    Corey - 2006-01-02

    Logged In: YES

    Sorting the order in the httpd.conf file isn't the best way
    to acomplish this I believe.

    What I'm thinking, is adding IP management into ravencore,
    and haveing the option to select which domain will show up
    default for each specific IP address. This is a more
    straight-to-the-point solution.

    I'll try to get this into the next release or two.

  • Corey

    Corey - 2006-01-02
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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