#32 MySQL Passwords

MLC Digital

I'm running RavenCore on an old Dell PowerEdge 2400
with RAID 5x1 Fail Over.
The RAID consistently breaks dropping 2+ hard drives.
I rebuild the RAID and let the rebuild process complete
so there isn't any data loss. Once the system reboots
Linux sometimes crashes at the boot sector or kernel
panics. So I run Linux rescue off the CD and fsck -a
/dev/sdaX...Sometimes it saves the data and other times
I have to rebuild the server from scratch and most
recent backup.
This last time I had to do a rebuild. I'm using the
most recent release ravencore-0.2.3-1.noarch.rpm. I
installed all services to be run on the machine yum
install httpd mysql mysql-server...
Then I installed the ravencore-0.2.3-1.noarch.rpm.
Once RC was up and running I migrated the backup over
and restarted MySQL and RC. Then I ran all the
rehash_... commands. Everything migrates perfect but
MySQL. It might have been me cause I forgot to migrate
the /var/lib/mysql/mysql folder. Through RC I had to
delete each MySQL user and rebuild the account
associated with the database.
Like I said it might have been me but this could be a
hole in the setup/restore process that needs to be


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