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XML backend deprecated

We're deprecating the xml backend because PostgreSQL rocks and the psql backend already implements the complete feature set of the xml backend.

I still believe in what we were searching for when we began the xml backend, however:

* a VPS server is as cheap as a cPanel shared web hosting
* PostgreSQL has a smaller footprint and better performance than mySQL (mySQL is what we were steering away from)
* writting psql queries is easier than writting SimpleXML + XPath
* the performance with multi-document queries is ought to be faster than opening and parsing a bunch of files every time.... read more

Posted by Rat 2012-11-24

New backend

Since being limited to shared hosting is no longer an issue, and since the internal API is mature enough, we have decided to create a new PostgreSQL-based backend.

One of the main paradigms for our project was to work without a database, but we believe PostgreSQL will do a better work than XML has done.

Still some parts are XML based and will remain so, and from within things look pretty much the same. This will become the default backend in a future release, and a script will be included to move from XML to Postgres shall you decide to do so.... read more

Posted by Rat 2012-04-23

0.6 beta 3

We finally added group and user management tools. This was required for 0.6 final release, but there's still some testing to be done.

Since we're being sponsored, we must honor our sponsor's request of adding a calendar module before 0.6 final. We'll be testing it on our next beta release, expected in a couple of weeks.

Posted by Rat 2010-08-09

0.6 beta 2

In this release we added a couple of skins taken from some of our old site designs. It was as painless as expected, the difficult part was switching from old-fashioned TABLE layouts to XHTML+CSS. Joy!

After that we noticed how badly we need cache control. So we added it, and it passed preliminary tests, but we could use some input (*hint*)

We also addess a couple of bugs with the document editor, subtly increasing its ease of use.

Posted by Rat 2010-08-02

0.6b1 is released

After a long and exhaustive code rewrite, we proudly present Ratawiki 0.6 beta 1. In this release:
* revamped skin engine now easier than ever to use, just add water and a few tags
* complete ACL system to limit and grant access to your user groups
* php5 required
* RataWikiMarkup rewritten, now supports writting lists and such within other lists, blockquotes, etcetera

Most changes are under the hood, but some others are readily visible, particularily document and metadata handling. We also tested it in different environments including MSIIS.... read more

Posted by Rat 2010-07-19

In the next release...

Ratawiki is approaching version 0.6, and complete code rewrite is on the way.

We had to kill php4 support, but now the code is extensible, object oriented, and packed with all the features we had to leave behind last time.

* Finally separated the front end from the back, which means we will be able to output to any format.

* Editors and everything are implemented in front-end's user-space.

* Now each document can be split into sections with different permissions.... read more

Posted by Rat 2009-07-31

Ratawiki 0.5 final

This is Ratawiki 0.5 final. It's been on production through all the betas, but now I feel it's ready for you to use it as well. You won't be beta-testing, this code has already pulled through 6 months in production on several sites.

Setup is still a bit rough, for we only include a basic template. You are supposed to tailor it into your own design, it actually works that easy.

We are website designers and maintainers, and to us Ratawiki is priceless. It's flexible and we've bent it at please in ~12 sites now.... read more

Posted by Rat 2009-02-09

Near Beta 3

The main feature planned for beta 3 is complete unix-like permissions. Currently permissions are set and applied, but there's no way to change an user's group, add users to any group or change a file's group.

Skin code was upgraded. We're searching for free styles and themes, to add them into a palette of included themes.

Posted by Rat 2008-10-10

What is RataWiki?

RataWiki is, of course, a WikiWikiWeb written in PHP, without any dependencies on mySQL.

It's been on production for http://ratasoft.net for a year or two, but it's now released to the public.

I'm mostly rewritting it to reflect a simpler, modular coding -- for it was originally just a hack, and it lives in a single file which grew huge.

If you're interested in running a wiki and don't have (or don't care about) a database, check this one out.

Posted by Rat 2008-07-12

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