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Project Members:


  • jpco

    jpco - 2014-04-02

    This project intends to provide access to Storkair/Zendher ventilation block internal data. It interfaces the block through its serial interface to a Raspberry Pi (via the Pi serial on GPIO or via a serial to USB converter).
    The user interface is a web page that pull the data from the block via a CGI, the CGI replies with the data in json format.

    The software is written in perl and has been successfully tested on a linux Box, a raspberry PI (Wheezy) and a Mac (OSX 10.8 and 10.9), sorry no windows based OS, for these operating systems, use the software form the manufacturer (should be in the resources directory).

    Last edit: jpco 2014-04-02
  • jpco

    jpco - 2015-04-04

    A new release is out for preliminary testing.

    The new release implements a Server to be connected by clients, the server itself being connected to the serial port connecting the VMC.

    This architecture allows for multiple clients sampling the VMC (or commanding it).

    Clients connects the server via IP sockets and thus can be located anywhere on the network.

    Using utility socat, a PTY device can be created so that FHEM client type can be also provided access to the VMC (tested successfully).

    CCEASE type device could also be connected via a serial to USB adapter. Interestingly, this would allow installation of a CCEASE anywhere (thus removing the requirement for a cable between the CCEASE and the VMC).

    Last edit: jpco 2015-04-07
  • jpco

    jpco - 2015-04-08

    Last update:
    CGI have been updated to read /etc/VMC/VMC.ini file
    Server addres being defined in [client] server and [server] port sections



  • jpco

    jpco - 2015-04-15

    The project is also on git


    updated more often than the release here

  • jpco

    jpco - 2015-09-17

    New release, a server is connectable by clients such as web clients, shell or fhem/openHab (internal driver provided). The server handles the arbitration of the requests sent to the ventilation unit.

    The system is now able to connect also a ConfoSense unit via another serial adapter.

    The VMC3.html web page provides means to change the comfort temperature andt to reset the filter counter.

    To install:

    tar -xvf raspVMC3.0.tar
    cd raspVMC (or wherever it was untared)
    ./install.bash (roll it out)

    The install will prompt for various information, answer as required.

    Last edit: jpco 2015-09-30

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