Raspicade RPi2 Issues

  • Anonymous - 2015-04-06

    Hi Ian, first of all great work, thank you.

    Here are the issues I've come across:
    1. Won't boot when connected to a 1080x1920 Sony (HDMI), works fine on 1280x720 Samsung (HDMI)
    2. No matter what I do Wi-Fi won't work
    3. On install I get 2 copies of Dgen (and no SNES)
    4. After a few reboots the image seems to corrupt and will not boot. I'll try another card.

    Raspberry Pi 2 - Model B
    Adata microSDHC Class 10 16GB
    2 Player - 8 button, Xin-Mo Controller

  • Ian57

    Ian57 - 2015-04-07


    1. Yes it happens, because the "default" config won't match the frequency of your Sony hardware, you'll need to edit the /boot/config.txt file to configure the video mode to fit the resolution of your sony TV before booting
    1. peharps it comes from your wifi dongle. I use successfully the wifi dongle from pihut and one from conrad. By default the example in doc is made for wpa2 security. You must adapt to your security configuration.

    3., that's strange... Did not have this problem with "normal" use. In case of brutal reboot, the SD can be corrupted. Perhaps it comes from the "bad" recognition of the SD card. Some users reported that, see https://sourceforge.net/p/raspicade/discussion/bugs/thread/1351e8ec/ for details

    "There are recognized problems with Samsung Micro SD Cards and Rabsperry Pi 2. One possible solution is after recreate the SD card with Raspicade image go to boot partition and replace this files:

    start.elf and fixup.dat for this files:


    It seems to fix the problem. I will put these file in the next release.

  • Greg Sullivan

    Greg Sullivan - 2015-04-13

    Hi Ian,

    As the OP says, nice work, very cool project!

    I'm having some similar experience to what the OP described. I'm running on a RPi 2 and I'm using Emulation Station V2. I get Sega Genesis showing as two adjacent selections in the menu - but no SNES. I've used two different Sandisk 8GB microSD cards. I can confirm the issue exists straight from the first boot, without and harsh power-off events.

    Also, regardless of how I configure sound at boot, I get no audio through HDMI or the 3.5in. I can run omxplayer -o hdmi and get sound, but nothing from the splash video or from ES.

    Any suggestions on where to look or what to try? I don't see any obvious sound related error messages in the system log.

  • Ian57

    Ian57 - 2015-04-13

    To get the emulators visible in ES, you need to upload roms in the appropriate directory via scp, samba or ftp. There is no rom ion the SNES directory.

    As I said, there are 2 different genesis emulator. Dgen and picodrive using libretro.

    For the SD boot problem, perhaps you have the release with the "time" bug. see https://sourceforge.net/p/raspicade/blog/2015/04/keep-your-pi-on-time-/ and https://sourceforge.net/p/raspicade/wiki/HowTo/ for details and workaround.

    You can download the latest release which integrates a fix.

    For sound I thing you'll need to add the option :


    in the file /boot/config.txt to force sound on hdmi.

    with the previous release raspicade-samba-gamepads-keyboard-pikeyd_ready-B+-Pi2-GPIOready-ES-20150309.img.gz a bug prevent the configuration scripts from working. It is fixed in the last one.

  • Greg Sullivan

    Greg Sullivan - 2015-04-14

    Thanks Ian

    I didn't see your comment earlier about two different Genesis emulators - and certainly not having any SNES ROMs makes sense for a missing menu entry. I'll give that a try.

    Regarding sound, I'm pretty sure I tried the hdmi_drive=2 setting, I had read through the config.txt file and saw that. I'll double-check.

    I apologize for what's probably a newbie question, is there a command to query what the active settings are? (i.e. to confirm that hdmi_drive is having it's effect.)

    I am running the latest image - the "20150408" image that was updated on 20150410 with md5 ec0ab131de8879f8e212d2f20106c536


    Last edit: Greg Sullivan 2015-04-14
  • Ian57

    Ian57 - 2015-04-14

    Ok I think you get the latest image. So you can try the following command :

    sudo amixer cset numid=3 2

    and test some sound with aplay.

    You can try to run raspi-config to configure sound too if it does not work.

    My splash video has no sound...

  • Anonymous - 2015-04-15

    Hi!! first all thank you by your project, it's really good.

    I have two problems.

    1.- The configuration is not persist, all times i turn on the raspberry pi2 i need configure.

    2.- The internet connection is not good, the ip is correct, the mask and gateway too, but its impossible connect by ftp or samba o explorer.

    Any idea ? thanks.

  • Ian57

    Ian57 - 2015-04-15

    To avoid config question at boot time, just rename the file in the avoid_config directory as explained in the documentation..

    for network, you need to check the wiring first, try to ping your box from the pi. Is it a dhcp auto config, or a static configuration. If you make several config, perhaps the file /etc/network/interfaces is corrupted.

    Give me more details about that.



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