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#5 misleading error when using the wrong password

Misc. (4)

I'm using v0.8.5b2 although this has been the case for earlier releases as
well. If an archive is password protected and I mistype the password, the
error I see is that archive is broken/damaged... which is not entirely
accurate. The archive isn't broken at all. Not major.


  • Kris Gybels

    Kris Gybels - 2006-09-08

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    This is due to the fact that the official unrar library RAR Expander uses
    announces 'wrong password' as 'broken archive'. The unrar library doesn't
    check if the password is right, it simply tries to decrypt the archive data with
    the password, if the verification data then doesn't match up this really means
    the archive is either broken OR the password was wrong. It is not possible for
    RAR Expander to make a difference between these situations. However, RAR
    Expander is smart enough to indicate in the error dialog that "the password
    might be wrong" if it asked you for a password. Are you sure the error dialog
    did not indicate this? I just tried it on a password-protected test archive and
    the error dialog indicated that the password might be wrong ...

  • Kris Gybels

    Kris Gybels - 2006-09-08
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