• I followed the steps given "tar -xjf rarcrack-VERSION.tar.bz2
    cd rarcrack-VERSION
    #you need gcc or any C compiler (edit Makefile CC=YOUR_C_COMPILER)
    #you must be root in next step:
    make install"
    (I have gcc)
    but when I type make install it says "install -s rarcrack /usr/bin
    install: cannot stat `rarcrack': No such file or directory
    make: *** [install] Error 1"
    It's in the non compressed directory, I'm not sure why it's not compiling, could I get some help?

    • I was able to follow some commands for the terminal I found on a different site (they were a little different) but they compiled the program.  I tested it on a .7z file and it worked.  However, I the file I'm trying to recover the password for is split in to three parts.  I used the 7zip's split archive to fit on dvd feature (in windows) so I have 3 files Desktop.7z001, Desktop.7z002, and Desktop.7z003.  The problem is, rarcrack doesn't seem to recognize the split format (that may be because Linux doesn't either) what can I do to recover these files?