kedz - 2007-10-17

I will develop this program multi threaded version, and I would like to go it program need to support more archive types, and you can specify the character set.
The next version will be support 7z, rar and zip formats.
But I want more!

The program generate passwords from character set, and call simply a decompressor program (for example.: <i>unrar t -pPASSWORD archive.rar</i>) and waiting for 'OK' string from decompressor output.

If you know more decompressor programs who supports encryption, please send to this post a command.

The next version of RarCrack! will be using same commands:
for example rar: <i>"unrar t -p%s %s 2>&1"</i> [the first %s the password, the second one the archive file name]
I need more commands with same format.

<i>Thank you!</i>
<b>And very sorry my bad English....</b>